Computer Monitor Terms and Definitions

Looking to purchase a new computer monitor? Here’s a few terms you should know before buying: Aspect Ratio Aspect ratio measures the ratio between a monitors width and height with the width being represented on the left side of the ratio. Monitors were initially released in 4:3 aspect ratios but have since moved to the […]

Best LED LCD Monitor Under $200 2016

Buying a new monitor doesn’t always have to be expensive. In recent years prices for quality high definition monitors have gone down as the popularity of larger monitors has increased and production costs of these monitors have decreased.  In this post, we’ll review the ten bestselling LED/LCD computer monitors under $200. The order is determined […]

How to Use your TV as a Computer Monitor

As technology continues to improve more and more consumers are beginning to be aware of the advantages of having a HTPC (home theatre PC) based entertainment system. While there are plenty of good alternatives to using a PC, the Roku Streaming Player and Apple TV come to mind, none of them give you the total […]

Viewsonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch Monitor Review

Jobs today increasingly demand a multiple display setup to increase overall worker productivity. I personally use a dual display setup with my PC at work and then a laptop. This allows me to have one screen open to write, another screen open to work on images, and the laptop to browse and take home with […]

3 Good Computer Monitors from 20 to 22 Inches

When I first started writing about monitors a few years back a 20-22 inch monitor was large and expensive. Since then, consumers have demanded larger and larger monitors until the point where a 20-22 inch monitor is now consider standard. Because of the increased demand in larger monitors you can now get an incredible deal […]

Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED LED Monitor Review

While input lag is certainly an important determination when considering a gaming monitor, response time is where most entertainment and gaming enthusiasts begin. This post will feature several of the latest/new computer monitors which feature low, 1-2ms response times. If you’ve come looking specifically for a gaming monitor, then you may find the gaming monitors […]

6 Good Multiple LCD Monitor Display Stands for Dual Flat Screen Setups

Multiple monitor display setups have become increasingly popular as studies continue to prove that larger monitors and increased flexibility with monitors can lead to improved productivity in the work place (Source:, 30 Inch Cinema Display Study). This trend is also supported/magnified by the decreasing price of larger monitors overall and the widespread capabilities […]

Choosing a Monitor Online – Buying Guide

In this post we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying or choosing a monitor online. This guide will include a learning guide for monitor specifications/terms that you should know before making a purchase. If you’d like to see our top ten lists for monitors, then simply pick a category in our tab section […]

Good and Cheap 27 Inch LED/LCD Computer Monitors 2016

When it comes to gaming, the bigger the monitor the better.  As we’ve watched the progression of Eyefinity and the popularity of multi-screen gaming increase the popularity of large screen gaming monitors has increased as well. Large monitors have also become more and more prevalent  at the work place as costs for large monitors decrease. As we […]

Best PC Gaming Monitors

Choosing the right gaming monitor is important when you consider how much time you are in front of your PC. Some monitors claim to be the best while they fall short in versatility, color reproduction, resolution, response time, or input lag. In this review we’ll go over what to look for in a monitor designed […]

Top Dell Ultrasharp IPS Panel Monitors

Now that we just finished up our post on the best rated ips monitors we wanted to highlight Dell’s Ultrasharp series of IPS panel monitors which are an affordable alternative to higher-end IPS displays.Although choices for Dell TN panel monitors are limited, if you’d like to purchase a Dell TN LED monitor, we highly recommend the […]

Best Samsung Computer Monitors 2016

For over 70 years Samsung Electronics has given consumers products that are desirable because of their innovation, style, and design.  Today Samsung’s computer monitors continue the trend.  This review will focus on the top rated Samsung computer monitors (both LED LCD and standard LCD) for 2013. LED vs. LCD – What’s the Difference? Standard LCD […]

Best HD Monitor with TV Tuner

After receiving several requests we decided to come up with a list of the top ten best HD monitors with TV tuners. This list is based on customer feedback, ratings, and overall popularity (bestselling). 1. Samsung FX2490HD 24-Inch HDTV LED Monitor The bestselling TV tuner HD monitor combo for this year is the Samsung FX2490HD. […]

Best Mac / Apple Monitors Alternatives 2016

Whether you’re a graphic designer or just someone looking for a quality monitor with accurate color representation, Apple makes some of the best IPS panel monitors available. IPS monitors provide greater color representation than traditional TN or twisted nematic panel monitors because they can display display 24-bit color depth rather than the 18 bit depth […]

2 Good Computer Monitors Under $100

As a follow up to our post on the top monitors under $200 this post will review a few solid budget computer monitor options that you can buy for under $100. Despite the inexpensive price we’ve been able to find quite a few mid-sized LED monitors for our picks. HP 2011x We’ll start with the HP […]

IPS Photo Editing Monitors 2016

In this post we’ll review and list the best ips panel (and other) monitors for photo editing. The list will be ordered by price and even include several inexpensive or cheap IPS monitors which have come into the market recently as an alternative to the higher-end choices. IPS vs TN Panel Monitors Photo editing requires […]

Best Viewsonic Monitors 2016

If you’re looking for a value monitor with high-end specifications, then one of the first brands you should look at is Viewsonic. Viewsonic has a reputation for quality affordable monitors that carry the same specifications as monitors that can cost significantly more. This mixture of quality and affordability has catapulted 5 of  Viewsonic’s monitors to […]

Top Rated 24 Inch Computer Monitors 2016

Did you know that a larger monitor (up to 24 inches) increases productivity?  This is because a 24 inch monitor is the perfect size to allow you to multitask, use multiple windows, and simply see more of your screen.  For this reason we decided to put together a list of the best rated 24 inch […]

10 Good Desktop Computers with Monitors 2016

Often times it can be advantageous to purchase your desktop computer bundled with a monitor.  In general you get a discount for the computer monitor that’s purchased.  Most computers that now come bundled with monitors also include space saving designs that integrate the hardware into the monitor itself.  The only real disadvantage to bundling is […]

Best 3D Computer Monitors 2012

3D entertainment has grown in popularity over the last 3 years and has recently swarmed the gaming community by dramatically increasing the depth and reality available in a virtual environment.  While some complain that playing in 3D over a long period of time is not possible without resulting headaches and eye strain, improved technology and […]