Best 3D Computer Monitors 2012

3D entertainment has grown in popularity over the last 3 years and has recently swarmed the gaming community by dramatically increasing the depth and reality available in a virtual environment.  While some complain that playing in 3D over a long period of time is not possible without resulting headaches and eye strain, improved technology and specifications for computer monitors have made it more of a reality.One of the advantages to buying a 3D ready computer monitor is that you receive improved specifications which allow for more detail, clarity, and less eye strain while playing in 2D.  This is because refresh rates and response times for 3D monitors, both important for entertainment and gaming, are made a priority by monitor manufacturers seeking to enhance the overall user experience.

Here are a few of the best 3D computer Monitors for 2011:

Best 3D Computer Monitors 2011

ASUS VG236H 23-Inch 120 Hz 3D Ready Panel Monitor with nVidia 3D Vision Kit – Black

One of the best 3D computer monitors you’ll find for 2011 is the Asus VG236H 3D Ready Monitor.  Although the price may seem high, the nice thing about the VG236H is that it comes bundled with the nVidia 3D vision kit which if bought separately would cost upwards of $150. This full high definition 1080p monitor also has an incredibly high 120Hz refresh rate.  Asus uses their Dual side LCD technology in order to dedicate 60Hz to each eye in 3D or the full 120Hz in 2D.  The refresh rate along with the 2ms response time allows this monitor to have unparalleled clarity and depth while watching movies or gaming.  If you get sick of the 3D or want to turn it down you can either completely turn it off and enjoy your monitor in 2D or adjust the 3D Vision emitter to limit its overall depth.

*This Monitor is also available without the 3D vision kit as the Asus VG236HE.

What About all the Games and Movies that Don’t Come in 3D?

Asus uses advanced 3D software which converts 2D movies and games into 3D.

Additional specifications for the VG236H include DVI and HDMI connectivity, non-reflective color shine surface, 4 inch vertical and 150 degree swivel, Smart Contrast Ratio for optimized image quality and depth, and 400 cd/m2 for ultimate control over imaging. It also includes a 3 year parts and labor warranty for peace of mind.

What owner’s had to say about the VG236H:

“My favorite part of the monitor is the 3 connectors it comes with. There is a connector for HDMI, DVI and Y,Pb,Pr. This is great because I can connect my PS3, Wii, and PC without switching around the wires”

“This bundle is simply the best deal there is for anyone who is new to 3d.”

“The resolution on this monitor is great. The stand and base is sturdy with good height adjustment. The base swivels with ease making this monitor easy to adjust. Easy to setup and comes with the basic cables. This monitor is wonderful without the 3D option! The 3D kit is complete with nice long USB cables so you get locate your emitter and glasses on top of your desk or console area.”

Overall:  Overall we give the Asus VG236H 3D ready monitor 5 stars for value and overall specifications.

ViewSonic VX2268WM 22-Inch 120 Hz 3D-Ready Monitor – Black

Another solid 3D ready option is the Viewsonic VX2268WM 3D ready monitor.  Like the Asus VG236H it also comes with 120Hz refresh rate.  It comes with a solid (gray to gray) 3ms response time and overall is much less expensive than the VG236H.  While we wish this was a full high definition monitor you shouldn’t notice much of a difference on a 22 inch screen.  This model comes with DVI and VGA inputs but no HDMI connector, so if you need that option you may need to look elsewhere.

What owners are saying about the Viewsonic VG236H 3D-Ready Computer Monitor:

“(I) Bought this with the Nvidia 3D Kit for movies and games. Wow! It’s really good for the price. I also researched monitors for a month or so, and this was was the best at this (price) point. I also do a lot of website work, graphic design and movie editing as well. I was initially worried about the base regarding stability, but it is fine. I use 2 monitors at one and I also like how much higher it is compared to my second 22″ monitor next to it. The 3D games (and there are a lot of them), and movies like Resident Evil Afterlife 3D look awesome!”

Overall:  While it doesn’t have as many adjustment options as the VG236H you certainly get a lot for a monitor that costs only 40% of the price.  This monitor is perfect in a gaming or entertainment setting and sets up nicely right out of the box.  In the $220 range it’s certainly worth a look.

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