Top 10 Best LED Monitors 2012

LED LCD monitors are desirable because they give you more options, a better picture, and are more environmentally friendly than traditional LCD monitors.

LED monitors also use up to 60% less total energy than traditional LCD and use LED or “light emitting diode” technology in order to the light the back of the display.  LED technology prevents the need of fluorescent lamps or tubes that contain mercury which when thrown away is an environmental hazard.

ViewSonic VX2450wm-LED 24 Inch Monitor

Did you know that increasing your PC’s monitor size can help you to increase productivity?  While this increased productivity drops off above 24 inches, purchasing a 24 inch LED monitor allows you to multiple windows side by side or have additional viewing room on your screen.  The Viewsonic VX2450 is inexpensive and environmentally friendly solution to this upgrade and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to specifications.  This full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor comes with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1, response time of 5ms, is VESA compliant 100mm x 100mm (for mounting), has D-Sub and DVI connectors, and comes with a full 3 year parts and labor warranty from Viewsonic.

What one customer on Amazon said about the VX2450:
“Rock-solid, beautifully saturated and bright image quality. Easy to use controls and driver disk (which you may need for optimum resolution on some computers). Kinda sexy multi-colored indicator light below the screen changes from blue (on) to amber (sleep) to off.Sturdy, adjustable stand which attaches easily.Just the right amount of “matte” finish to avoid the annoying glare and “mirror” effect that some screens have, without any sacrifice of brightness or clarity.”

Viewsonic VX2450WM-LED 24-Inch (23.6-Inch Vis) Widescreen LED Monitor with Full HD 1080p and Speakers – Black
Featured 24 Inch LED Monitor. Bestselling of 2011.
Amazon Price: $189.99 (as of 06/17/2011)Here’s a quick top 10 list, comparison, and overview of our other top LED monitor picks for 2011.  If you’d rather keep learning more about monitor specifications, then see our learning guide section below the comparison chart.

Top 10 Best LED Monitors 2011

ProductPrice ComparisonResolution/ Response Time/ Contrast RatioConnectors/ OtherWarranty
ViewSonic VX2450wm-LED 24 Inch Monitor
1920x1080p Full High Definition/ 5ms / Dynamic Contrast Ratio 20,000,000:1D-Sub, DVI3 Years parts and labor limited warranty. Includes Viewsonic's Pixel Performance Guarantee.
ViewSonic VX2250wm-LED Black monitor with Slim Design
1920 x 1080/ 5ms/ 10,000,000:1D-Sub, DVI/ Integrated Speakers/ Brightness: 250 cd-m2/ VESA compliant (mounting)3 Years parts and labor.
ASUS VH238H Black LED Backlight Monitor
1920 x 1080/ 2msD-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI/ Built in Speakers/ Greener Materials/ Energy star 5.0 compliant3 Year limited parts and labor warranty.
ASUS VH198T 19 Inch Widescreen LED Monitor
1440 x 900 / 5 ms Response Time/ 10000000:1D-Sub, DVI-D/ Built-in Speakers/ Comes with VGA Cable,
, DVI Cable, and
Power Cable included.
Audio Cable
3 Years
Apple LED Cinema Display 27-Inch MC007LL/A
2560 by 1440/ 12 ms response time Mini DisplayPort connector, MagSafe / Ambient light sensor/ Built-in iSight and microphone/ 49 watts of stereo sound/ Three USB 2.0/ 375 cd/m2 BrightnessFull 3 Year Warranty
HP 2011x Black 20" Slim Design
1600 x 900/ 5ms/ DCR 3,000,000:1 D-Sub, DVI-D / 250 cd/m21 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
ViewSonic VX2453mh-LED Black 24 Inch Monitor
1920 x 1080/ Dynamic Contrast Ratio 30,000,000:1/ 2msD-Sub, 2 HDMI/ Integrated Speakers/ 250 cd-m23 Years Limited Parts and Labor Warranty.
HP 2511x Black 25" Full HD LED BackLight LCD Monitor Slim Design
1920 x 1080/ 5ms / 3,000,000:1D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI/ 250 cd/m21 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
ViewSonic VA1931WA-LED Black 19" PC Monitor
1366 x 768/ 5ms / 10,000,000:1D-Sub/ 250 cd-m23 Years Limited Parts and Labor Warranty.
Acer S201HLbd Black 20" 5ms LED monitor
1600 x 900/ 5ms/ ACM 12,000,000:1D-Sub, DVI/ 250 cd-m23 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty.

Hopefully our comparison table above helped you to discover which monitor would be right for you.  In many ways your best bet is to buy your monitor online.  Whether you do it here at or not, in general, you can get a better price for a computer monitor if you buy it online.  Amazon is our vender of choice because they bring together various wholesalers who compete for your sale to make sure that you get the best price.

Computer Monitors – Term Learning Guide

Response Time

If you are planning on using your monitor for gaming, then we recommend you look for a monitor that has a fast response time.  You should look for one that is 3ms or less.  Because you’ll be using your monitor over a long period of time and sometimes for extended periods of time this could be one of your most important features.  A quick response time could mean saving yourself from eye strain and unattractive in-game ghosting that sometimes occurs.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is essentially how fast your computer monitor refreshes the data on your screen.  Computer monitors that do this slowly can often have an unseen flash that when repeated over many hours can give users headaches and eye strain.  A Refresh rate over 65Hz should be find for most users.  Those with extreme issues may want to purchase a 3D monitor as many 3D monitors come with 120Hz refresh rates.

Contrast Ratio

Another tip is to choose a monitor with a high contrast ratio. Your contrast ratio measures the darkest color that a monitor can produce (blackest black) vs. the lightest color (whitest white). In general the higher the contrast ratio, the better the color is.  One difficulty that you may come across with contrast ratios is finding out what “type” of contrast ratio a monitor  is using in their specifications.  Try to find a specific type of contrast ratio and compare it that way.  For example, compare monitors in DCR or “Dynamic Contrast Ratio” or a “Static Contrast Ratio”.


Remember to check your monitors adjustment settings before purchasing online.  Not all monitors can tilt or swivel, so if being able to adjust your monitor is important to you, then be sure to take that into consideration.

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