Best Samsung Computer Monitors 2016

For over 70 years Samsung Electronics has given consumers products that are desirable because of their innovation, style, and design.  Today Samsung’s computer monitors continue the trend.  This review will focus on the top rated Samsung computer monitors (both LED LCD and standard LCD) for 2013.

LED vs. LCD – What’s the Difference?

Standard LCD monitors use fluorescent lighting to light the thin “liquid crystal display”.  Fluorescent lighting is not as environmentally friendly as LED lighting as it requires as much as 50% more energy and requires mercury.  LED monitors are in fact LCD monitors which are lit with “light emitting diode” technology.  This allows more power efficient lighting which is also easier on the eyes than typical LCD monitors.  In general, you pay a slight premium for a LED LCD monitor versus a fluorescent lit LCD monitor.

Best Samsung LED/LCD Computer Monitor

27 Inch Samsung Computer Monitors

LED Pick: Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch Class LED Monitor

 The Samsung S27A350H 27 Inch LED monitor is the perfect choice for those looking for a mid-range large display. As you’ve probably seen with their HDTVs, Samsung monitors deliver accurate and rich colors which produce high-quality images time and time again.  One of the key features of the S27A350H is that it has Samsung’s MagicAngle which allows you to see the monitor perfectly at any angle.  This full high definition monitor is also the perfect option for movies and gaming because it carries a 2ms response time and has both D-Sub and HDMI ports for convenient and flexible connectivity.

The touch of color finish with its ultra-slim design (24mm) give this monitor a modern and minimalist feel.  Additional specifications include: 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16.7 Million display colors, 300 cd/m2 brightness rating, dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, tilt adjustable, Mac compatibility, and a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

LCD Pick: Samsung P2770HD 27-Inch Multifunction LCD Monitor

The Samsung P2770HD is a great option if you’re looking to use it for a wide variety of functions.  It’s offers more flexibility than most monitors in its class because it includes an HDTV tuner and has D-Sub, DVI, HDMI, Component, Composite ports for nearly every type of plug you’ll come across.  Another nice feature for the P2770HD is that it’s VESA compliant so you can easily mount it on your wall.

Additional specifications include: Full high definition 1920 x 1080 resolution, 16.7 Million display colors, 300 cd/m2, 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ration, 5ms response time, and remote control.

Overall: While it does lack LED technology and the Ultra-Slim design of the S27A350H, the P2770HD is still desirable because of its added features.

23 – 24 Inch Samsung Computer Monitors

LED Pick: Samsung PX2370 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor with LED Backlight

The ultra-slim (only 16.5mm) Samsung PX2370 is Samsung’s bestselling monitorfor 2011.  The monitor is the perfect size to allow you to multi-task while viewing multiple documents and windows and it has 100% SRGB color reproduction to allow colors to be displayed accurately.  Movie and gaming enthusiasts will have no complaints about this monitor with the 2ms response time,LED backlighting technology, full high definition  and 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which will give you an accurate and blur-free picture.

Additional specifications include 16.7 Million display colors, 250 cd/m2 brightness rating, DVI and HDMI ports, tilt adjustment, and an included 3 year parts and labor warranty.

LCD Pick: Samsung B2430H 24-Inch LCD Monitor – Glossy

The B2430 is the best in Samsung’s 24 inch LCD class; however, it’s hard not to look at the PX2370 for just $30 more.  The B2430 is slightly larger and does have a stunning black gloss look and Samsung’s MagicAngle allows you to view it from any point in the room.  MagicEco takes away some of the sting from this being an LCD monitor by giving you the option to work at decreased brightness settings.

Additional specifications include full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 300 cd/m2 brightness rating, 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5 ms response time, D-Sub, DVI, and HDMI connectors, and a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Overall:  Overall the B2430 is one of the best LCD monitors in its class, but with a higher response time, lower contrast ratio, and inferior warranty it’s best if you go with the Samsung PX2370.

21 – 22 Inch Samsung Computer Monitors

LED Pick: Samsung BX2231 21.5-Inch Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor

The Samsung BX2231 is another economical and ultra-slim (16.5mm) option which boasts Samsung’s MagicReturn option which allows you to operate in dual monitor mode when your second monitor is elsewhere.  Another key feature to the BX2231 is that it comes with 2 HDMI ports and a D-sub connectors so that you can connect to several different devices at once.

Additional specifications include a full high definition 1920×1080 resolution, 250 cd/m2 brightness rating, 16.7 Million display colors, dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1, and a generous Sony 3 year parts and labor warranty.

LCD Pick: Samsung B2230 22-Inch LCD Monitor

The main draw to the B2230 is that it operates both as a monitor and an HDTV with full PIP (picture in picture) capability.  Specifications include full high definition 1920x1080p resolution, a 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and a 1 year parts and labor warranty.



We hope you enjoyed this review of the best Samsung LED/LCD Computer Monitors.  If you didn’t find what you were looking for, then consider our article on the best rated LED monitors , and the best gaming monitors.