10 Good Desktop Computers with Monitors 2016

Often times it can be advantageous to purchase your desktop computer bundled with a monitor.  In general you get a discount for the computer monitor that’s purchased.  Most computers that now come bundled with monitors also include space saving designs that integrate the hardware into the monitor itself.  The only real disadvantage to bundling is that you don’t get to choose a monitor designed for your personal needs.  Still, there are many manufacturers who have made sure you can get a quality monitor with your desktop purchase.  Here’s a list of the best desktop computers with monitors available for 2011.

Top 10 Desktop Computer With Monitor Bundles

1.) Apple iMac MC309LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop Computer/Monitor

The Apple iMac MC309LL/A is one of if not the bestselling desktop computer this year thus far. It features Intel’s next generation “Sandy Bridge” Intel Core I5 processor with quad core technology. The hyperthreading for this processor allows up to 8 task “thread” functionality.

The display is one of the best that you’ll get with an all in one computer, a 21.5 inch full high definition (1920×1080) LED backlit edge to edge glass display. The computer comes with a discrete graphics card, the Radeon HD 6750M which features 512MB of GDDR5 memory. Other features include a 500GB hard drive, 4GB ram, wireless keyboard and magic mouse included, wireless N technology, built in face time camera, 4x USB 2.0 and one FireWire 800 port, thuderbolt port, and built in speakers.

Overall: The bestselling Mac desktop of the year. It’s hard to ignore so much positive feedback.

2.) HP TouchSmart 610-1030f Desktop Computer/Monitor – Black

The TouchSmart 610-1030f Desktop computer comes with a full high definition 23 inch 1080p LED widescreen monitor. One of the cooler features for this monitor is that like many hand held devices it has a usable touchscreen interface for use with a load of touch-optimized applications. The TouchSmart also comes with a multitude of other features including a built in HP webcam, specialized “touch applications, and integrated speakers.

Additional specifications include 4GB of DDR3 memory, 750GB hard drive, i3-550 Intel Processor, and a 6 in 1 memory card reader.

Overall: A great option if you’re looking for a clutter free workspace.

3.) Apple iMac MC813LL/A 27-Inch All In One Computer Desktop/Monitor

A larger more powerful version of the previously mentioned iMac the Apple iMac MC813LL/A comes equipped with a massive 27 inch LED backlit screen that has up to 2560-by-1440, the best you’ll find at this size. This screen when purchased separately can cost upwards of $950 alone, but when used in conjunction with Mac’s all in one features the price is a moderate $1,600.

Specifications for the iMac MC813LL/A include a 2.7GHz Intel Sandy Bridge i-5 CPU, 1TB HDD, 4GB DDR3 Memory, AMD Radeon 6770M, Mac OS Snow Leopard, Magic Mouse, Apple Wireless Keyboard, 2 thunderbolt ports, 4 USB 2.0, one FireWire 800 port, built in face-time camera, internal speakers, and microphone.

Overall:  Overall you get a great deal with the iMac MC813LL/A – an incredible display, and a powerful computer to run even the most intensive applications.

4.) HP Omni 100-5050 All-in-One Desktop PC with Computer Monitor- Black

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, then the HP Omni 100-5050 all in one Desktop PC with monitor could be exactly what you’re looking for.  For under $500 you get a 20 Inch Diagonal HP display, Radeon HD470 Integrated Graphics, and a multitude of other features like an HP USB keyboard, mouse, and even an integrated web came and microphone.  The processor, while not the most extreme in the world, is a AMD Athlon II 260u Dual-Core Processor (1.8 GHz; 2MB L2 Cache; 3600MHz System Bus).  If you aren’t planning on gaming with this machine, then it should do just fine.  Another great feature for the Omni 100-5050 is that it comes equipped with 3GB of DDR3 ram, but is expandable to 8GB if you find yourself needing additional performance.

Here’s what one owner of the Omni 100-5050 had to say:

“I wanted to get back to the desktop arena because I work from home and 12-16 hours a day on a laptop has its pros and cons…. At first I was skeptical because of the processor being under 2.0 ghz but it works excellent for me. I think people now get too wrapped up into speeds. I am not a heavy gamer at all so its perfect for the games I do play. I did upgrade the ram from 3 gig to 6 gig for now. I will max it out at 8gb in the near feature. The extra ram makes a noticeable difference, and if you do upgrade the ram.. please note it does take Laptop ram, not desktop ram! This is a great system and the speakers sound great – the screen is crisp and clear. You will not regret this purchase!”

Overall:  This space saving machine operates with extremely low wattage and is sold for a very reasonable price at around $490 – for the money, it’s hard to beat.

Top Rated Desktop Computers With Monitor – # 5-10

5.) Apple iMac MC814LL/A 27-Inch Desktop

6.) HP 100-5155 20-Inch All-in-One Desktop Computer – Piano Black

7.) Apple iMac MC508LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop

8.) Acer AZ3100-U3072 21.5-Inch Desktop (Silver)

9.) HP TouchSmart 310-1155f Desktop Computer – Black

10.) HP Pavilion p7-1010 Desktop PC (Black)

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